Your Tax Return Is Still Being Processed.

"You’ll be coached along the way as you do your taxes and get the help you need, when you need it," Greene-Lewis says. Last year alone, 30 million tax returns were processed through TurboTax.

In a statement, the ministry said Rs 5,400 crore worth GST refund is still pending with the government and that is being "expeditiously processed.

claims with the tax authorities.

In a statement, the ministry said Rs6,053 crore worth GST refund is still pending with the government and that is being “expeditiously processed.

refund of input tax credit claims.

Because of how widespread and pressing this issue can be, I wanted to offer some tax advice for the new year. Even though April 15 is still several.

when you file your return (more on that.

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Fitzsimmons said in recent months he’s been dipping into his savings instead of receiving a $24,000 tax refund.

files are being processed within the expected timeframes.” Still, Global.

Recession delays Ala. tax refunds – The Georgia Department of Revenue says budget cuts have resulted in it having almost 500,000 state income tax returns still to be processed.

refunds where the tax return was filed by April.

Here’s the schedule, if you filed your federal tax return by the April 15 deadline and the IRS processed it by then.

Q: I filed my return on time, but still haven’t gotten my rebate.

Digit, a money-saving app backed by Google’s venture arm, is trying something new: a feature that automatically saves a portion of your tax refund.

Users are still allowed to withdraw their.

It’s common for taxpayers to wonder how likely it is that their tax return will be audited.

Despite all your precautions, you may still end up audited — either due to factors out of your.