Do You Staple Your Tax Return

Is it OK to fold my tax return when I send it in the mail?How to Get the Best Deal on TurboTax, H&R Block, and Other Tax Prep Software – Tax season is here. That means it’s time to file your returns — and to grumble about how complicated it is to do your taxes.

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Jun 04, 2018  · Though, if you’re simply wondering if you can staple a tax return, the answer is sort of. According to the article, you can staple your W-2 and 1099 to.

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Can I Still File My 2016 Taxes Electronically Taxpayers have until Wednesday, April 15 to file and pay their taxes. If you owe more money than you can afford to pay, Some people may still want to run through the exercise of deciding whether to itemize or not. The decision comes down to. In fact, a wide variety of free federal and state

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SSN to appear on a joint return) or employer identification number (EIN) Tax year Related tax form or notice number Don’t staple or paperclip your check to your voucher or.

Jun 04, 2019  · Should i staple or paperclip W2’s when filing taxes by mail? I would staple the required forms where indicated on the front of your form 1040, 1040A or 1040-EZ. See 2017 Instruction 1040 – Internal Revenue Service .

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Only staple these forms to the first page of your 1040 – do not allow your staple to go through all the forms in your return. Mail your return to the address for your state shown in the 1040 instructions. If you’re enclosing Form 1040-V and a payment, don’t staple your payment or voucher to the return.

Your federal tax return is not considered a valid return unless it is signed. If you are filing a joint return, your spouse must also sign. Provide a daytime phone number. This may help speed the processing of your return if the IRS has questions about items on your return.