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The Trump administration and lawmakers from both parties are actually just in the earliest stages of talks toward a relief.

“so that taxes don’t go back up before voters decide whether to return.

And, for much of the week, it was a topic of amusement revisited by both involved parties, one in suburban Minneapolis.

This Week in Houston Food Events: Half-Price Bottle Mondays and a Pilot Pete Finale Party – Emmaline, 3210 West Dallas, invites guests to enjoy half-priced bottles of wine (under $100) every Monday from 3 p.m. to 10 p.

Auto shows are three events in one. In advance of the shows are one or two days of press conferences, parties, and drinking,

After the March 3 Super Tuesday results came in — showing Biden winning 10 of the.

While Washington voters do not have to.

We have a state primary on Aug. 3 for that. But if you’re interested in supporting any of those candidates, getting involved.

political parties might have online events, check their websites.

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The Quiet Events party will be a silent disco evening (every guest gets a headphone, with three DJ channels to choose from .

Schools have started closing in response to spreading cases of COVID-19 or shuttering doors for a day or two to clean.